Visi-Slide 2Liter, 5 wide (Pack of 6)

$ 249.00

  • EFFORTLESS BEVERAGE PRESENTATION: Designed for angled shelves, Display Technologies Visi-Slide enables products to glide forward naturally, maintaining a stocked and organized appearance of your shelves
  • MAXIMIZE BRAND EXPOSURE: Visi-Slide has a slim translucent front ring which highlights and promotes brands effectively
  • ROBUST DESIGN: The durable front ring and refined high wall design keeps products upright and organized. Ideal for storage of 64oz/2LTR sizes
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY SUSTAINABLE: Manufactured from virgin polypropylene material, these pusher-glides offer durability, and easy recycling options
  • CUSTOMIZABLE FOR VERSATILE USAGE: Easily adjust the size with breakaway sections, allowing store owners and installers to modify depths and widths, making it adaptable for various shelf sizes

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