1. Q: How do I know which Visi-Slide to buy?
    A: The best way to determine the correct size Visi-Slide for your product is to measure the product width and reference the ‘Inside Facing Dimension’ – see reference chart.

  2. Q: Can I mix and match different size Visi-Slides in one carton?
    A: No, each carton contains only 1 size and cannot be custom packed with different size slides.

  3. Q: How many Visi-Slides are in a carton?
    A: Standard depth slides (27”) are packed 6 per carton. For a limited time, pack 2's are available. Extended slides (36”) are packed 3 per carton.

  4. Q: Is there free shipping or a discounted price if I order a pallet?
    A: We do not provide discounts on shipping. Each carton is shipped individually via UPS ground.

  5. Q: What is the difference between the High and Low Profile Visi-slide?
    A: The difference is the floor height of the slide. The High Profile glide (8oz and 2L) has a 5/8” floor thickness and the Low Profile (12oz,16 oz,17 oz,32 oz and 1L) has a 5/16” floor thickness.

  6. Q: I am not sure if I need the High Profile or the Low Profile?
    A: This would be determined by the space in your cooler or cold vault. If height limitation is a factor, then our low profile Visi-Slide is recommended.

  7. Q: How can I be sure Visi-Slide will fit inside my cooler, cold vault or ambient shelf?
    A: Visi-Slides can break off in the back and at the sides to fit inside most size coolers, cold vaults and ambient shelves. See ‘break-off’ dimensions listed in spec on estore site.

  8. Q: My store has shelves that are 36” deep, what slides should I buy?
    A: At this time, extended 36” Visi-Slides are only available in 12oz and 20oz.

  9. Q: Is there a local store where I can order Visi-Slides?
    A: No, all orders must be placed directly with Display Technologies through this website and shipped from OK.

  10. Q: Do extended glides need to be assembled?
    A: No, the 20oz. glide is a single piece front to back.

  11. Q: Can I mix and match different size Visi-Slides in one carton?
    A: No, Visi-Slide are available in pre-packed 2 slides per carton or 6 slides per carton.

  12. Q: What size do I need for: 40oz bottle, 24oz can …?
    A: The best way to determine the correct size Visi-Slide for your product is to reference the Inside Facing Width.

  13. Q: Are freight and taxes included in the price?
    A: Yes, upon checkout, the total charge includes merchandise, taxes and shipping.

  14. Q: Can I get product in a different color besides semi-clear?
    A: Yes, the minimum order for a Visi-Slide in color is 500 cartons and special rates and conditions apply.

  15. Q: Are samples available?
    A: No, sample products are not available at this time.

  16. Q: Can I pay COD?
    A: No, credit card payment is due upon checkout.

  17. Q: How many facings do I get on each tray?
    A: 12oz and 16oz glides have 10 facings per shelf; 8oz=3 facings; 20oz=9facings; 32oz/1L=7, 2L=1.

  18. Q: Can I link other sizes together on the same shelf?
    A: Yes, the 12oz, 16oz, 20oz and 32oz/1L glides all connect to each other.

  19. Q: Can I buy just the 1 glide that I need?
    A: No, all glides are shipped 6 per carton.

  20. Q: How do I install them?
    A: All products must sit flat on a shelf. Some products can be placed on a flat shelf with pusher and some work best on tilted shelves at approximately 10 degree angle.

  21. Q: How fast can I get my order?
    A: Standard processing and shipping is 1-2 weeks.

  22. Q: The Visi-Slides are a different size than my cooler shelf, do you make something smaller?
    A: The Visi-Slides can be adjusted to different widths and depths. Alternative maybe Visi-Xtra.

  23. Q: If I buy multiple cartons, what discount do I get?
    A: We do not offer multiple carton discounts. 

  24. Q: Can one of your local reps come and see what I need for my cooler?
    A: No, but a picture, cooler models as well as shelf dimensions can be sent to Estore@display-technologies.com

  25. Q: Is there a minimum purchase required?
    A: No, you can purchase as little as 1 carton.

  26. Q: Is there any way I can get a lower price?
    A: Yes, truckload prices may apply. Call us for details 800-424-4220.

  27. Q: Do you ship out of the US?
    A: We currently ship to the continental US, Puerto Rico, and Canada.
  28. Q: One of my glides was broken, what do I do? What is your policy regarding returns & exchanges?
    A: RETURNS POLICY: All returns must be authorized by Display Technologies. Call (800) 424-4220. If cartons are received damaged, the Bill of Lading (BOL) must be noted. If it is concealed damage, DT must be notified within 48 hours and pictures should be supplied by the customer.  If the customer received the wrong product or they received damaged goods, Returns will be honored without charge. All sales are final, no refunds or exchanges.

  29. Q: I ordered the wrong product.  What is your policy regarding returns & exchanges?
    A: All sales are final, no refunds or exchanges.