Cornelius Push Button Valve, Ceramic regulator with mounting block and covers (Remanufactured by OEM)

$ 150.00

Designed to be simple, dependable, and easy to repair when needed, the Cornelius valve is a high-performance post-mix valve delivering fast and accurate flow of carbonated beverages using the ceramic regulator for optimal beverage quality. Available in various pouring formats including lever, push button, or automatic shut-off and can be used with various types of beverages, such as carbonated or non-carbonated, regular or diet, and flavored or unflavored

Ideal for busy foodservice environments that require speed, efficiency, and reliability. UF-1 (flow rate adjustable 1.5-3 ounces per second) and UFB-1 (flow rate adjustable 2-4 ounces second) are interchangeable valves compatible with most Cornelius counter-electric such as ED175, ED200, ED250, Enduro 150, Enduro 175, Enduro 200, Enduro 250, Enduro 300, IDC 255; drop-in such as CB1522, CB1722, CB2323

  • REMANUFACTURED to like-new OEM specifications
  • PERFORMANCE AND QUALITY: Dispense consistent, great-tasting drinks at optimum carbonation level and superior brix repeatability
  • RELIABILITY AND DURABILITY: Sealed electronics enhance reliability, corrosion-free stainless steel valve lever, and components life tested to over 1 million cycles
  • EASY TO USE AND MAINTAIN: Simple-to-adjust screws, streamlined one-piece nozzle assembly, and easy to install with self-cleaning nozzle that prevents clogging and contamination
  • VARIETY AND VERSATILITY: Variable flow rate, different types of valves (sanitary lever, push button, portion control, OptiFill)

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