32oz./1Liter Visi-FAST® Pusher Glide

$ 214.99

(Pack of 6) The Visi-FAST® pusher merchandising system is designed specifically for flat shelf applications in coolers or gondola shelving. Pre-molded to common gondola shelf depth of 22", enables carton-to-shelf installation, reducing install labor as well as reducing material waste. Break-offs and re-attachable back walls allow this system to work on 16", 18' and 20" shelf depths. Features such as spring loaded pushers, clear scooped front lens, tall side walls and interconnectivity make Visi-FAST® the ideal flat shelf solution for single serve beverages.

  • Features
    • Optimal shoppability within tight spaced shelving with unique scooped front lens
    • Always full front faced product with pre-installed integrated pusher
    • Maximum brand exposure with clear front lens
    • Maximum product stability and no tipping with high side high side walls
    • Break-offs with repositionable back panel for additional depths
    • Proprietary internal slip agent ensures long lasting performance
  • Product Specification:
    • Each 4' Section Accommodates: (72) 32oz. bottles, (84) 1 liter bottles
    • Outside Dimensions: 23.978"W x 22"D x 4.3"H
    • Inside Facing Width: 3.83"
    • Depth Break offs: 16", 18", & 20" 
    • Glide components: (1) 3 wide, (1) 2 wide, (1) 1 wide
    • Item Code: VISINVFAE
  • Carton Specification:
    • Glides Per Carton: 6 (12 linear feet)
    • Carton Dimensions: 25”L x 16”W x 26.25"H
    • Carton Weight: 30 Lbs
  • Fits: 
    • 32oz./I lLiter

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