20oz. Visi-Slide® Extended 36" 9 wide Shelf Glide

$ 149.99

Visi-Slides are the #1 industry standard glide system for single serve merchandising. It is a gravity-fed system that sits directly on an angled shelves in cold vaults, coolers or ambient shelf applications. All of our Visi-Slides are available in different channel widths to accommodate the wide range of products in market. Additionally, each Visi Slide can be broken or cut to achieve various widths and depths.

The Extended depth glide is available in a 36” depth providing up to 33% increased inventory over standard depth glides. Reduce your restocking labor and out-of-stock occurrences by placing Display Technologies Extended Visi-Slide.

  • Features
    • Clear front ring allows maximum brand exposure
    • Modular tracks and break offs fit most shelf sizes
    • Proprietary internal slip agent ensures lasting performance of glide
    • Glide has clear front ring allows maximum brand exposure
    • Glide floor height of .328" 
    • Glide is made of virgin polypropylene and easily
  • Product Specification:
    • Each Glide Accommodates: (108) cans/bottles
    • Outside Dimensions: 27.9"W x 35.6"D
    • Inside Facing Width: 2.940"
    • Glide components: (1) 5 wide, (1) 2 wide, (2) 1 wide
    • Item Code: VISINVECT
  • Carton Specification:
    • Glides Per Carton: 3
    • Carton Dimensions: 39"L x 16"W x 17"D
    • Carton Weight: 20 Lbs
    • Fits:
      • 20oz. Pepsi, Coke, Dr. Pepper PET Bottles
      • 20oz. Snapple Glass Bottles
      • 24oz. Budweiser, Monster & Miller Coors Cans

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