High Ring Slim Visi-Slide® 11 wide Shelf Glide

$ 174.99

Visi-Slides are the #1 industry standard glide system for single serve merchandising. It is a gravity-fed system that sits directly on an angled shelves in cold vaults, coolers or ambient shelf applications. All of our Visi-Slides are available in different channel widths to accommodate the wide range of products in market. Additionally, each Visi-Slide can be broken or cut to achieve various widths and depths.

  • Features:
    • Ideal for coolers or cold vaults
    • Modular tracks and break offs to fit most shelf sizes
    • Proprietary internal slip agent ensures lasting performance of glide
    • Glide floor thickness of .3" 
    • Glide is made of virgin polypropylene and easily recycled
  • Product Specification:
    • Each Glide Accommodates:
        (132) 12oz. slim cans
        (132) 10.5oz. sleek cans
        (143) 8.5oz. slim cans
    • Outside Dimensions: 27.46”W x 27.52" D
    • Inside Facing Width: 2.35"
    • Ring Height: 2.24"
    • Glide components: (1) 5 wide, (1) 3 wide, (1) 2 wide, (1) 1 wide
  • Carton Specification:
    • Item Code: VISINVAAU
    • Glides Per Carton: 6
    • Carton Dimensions: 30"W x 17"D x 29"H
    • Carton Weight: 30 Lbs
      • Fits: 
        • 12oz. slim cans
        • 8.5oz. slim cans
        • 10.5oz. sleek cans

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