Visi-Plus® Glides

The Visi-Plus merchandising system offers an exclusive combination of Display Technologies’ patented, industry leading Visi-Slide® performance, the benefit of an additional brand facing, and additional capacity—all while using your existing shelf space. Visi-Plus beverage cooler glides provide the most optimized solution for displaying 20oz and large beverages. They are perfect cold vault shelving as well as beverage cooler racks. You will get the most out of your shelving while still maximizing your branding when you use our beverage cooler glides. As with our standard Visi-Slide®, the Visi-Plus is modular, so you’ll be able to fit the shelving solution to your store.

Contact us today to increase the capacity of your shelving with Visi-Plus beverage cooler racks that keep your brand facing forward.