Cold Vault Expandable Add-A-Shelf

$ 134.99

The Cold Vault Expandable Add-A-Shelf is designed to be placed in virtually any cold vault cooler where space is available to achieve additional product facings and brand presence.

  • Features
    • Supports the entire Low and High Profile Visi-Slide line of products (excluding Extended Visi-Slides) 
    • Expandable width eliminates the need for a bottler to carry and stock various shelf sizes
    • Expands from 20" to 29" wide
    • Built-in adjustability feature allows installation to match existing flat or angled shelving
    • Includes (4) S-hooks allowing for easy no tool installation
    • Steel construction provides long lasting strength and durability
    • White powder coated surface provides a clean appearance
    • Easily recycled
  • Product Specification:
    • O.D Dimensions: 20" - 29"W x 27"D x 1"H
    • Item Code: MTLINVAAB
  • Carton Specification:
    • Shelves Per Carton: 4
    • Carton Dimensions: 25"W x 28"D x 5"H
    • Carton Weight: 25 Lbs
    • Fits:
      • Low Profile Visi-Slide line of products
      • High Profile Visi-Slide line of products (excluding Extended Visi-Slides)