17oz. Visi-Slide® 10 wide Shelf Glide

$ 49.99

Visi-Slides are the #1 industry standard glide system for single serve merchandising. It is a gravity-fed system that sits directly on an angled shelves in cold vaults, coolers or ambient shelf applications. All of our Visi-Slides are available in different channel widths to accommodate the wide range of products in market. Additionally, each Visi Slide can be broken or cut to achieve various widths and depths.

The 17oz. glide is designed specifically for taller, thinner bottles. The high clear front ring, tall sides and proprietary internal slip agent ensures optimal product appearance and gliding performance.

  • Features
    • Ideal for coolers, cold vaults or ambient shelf 
    • Proprietary internal slip agent ensures lasting performance of glide
    • Glide has clear front ring allows maximum brand exposure
    • Glide floor thickness of .3" 
    • Glide is made of virgin polypropylene and easily recycled
  • Product Specification:
    • Each Glide Accommodates: (100) bottles/cans
    • Outside Dimensions: 28.2"W x 26.8"D
    • Inside Facing Width: 2.64"
    • Depth Break offs: 18.”, 20.2”, 22.4”, and 24.5"
    • Glide components: (1) 5 wide, (2) 2 wide, (1) 1 wide
    • Carton Specification 6 Pack:
      • Item Code: VISINVPNC
      • Glides Per Carton: 6
      • Carton Dimensions: 30"W x 18"D x 29"H
      • Carton Weight: 33 Lbs
    • Carton Specification 2 Pack:
      • Item Code: VISESTRAC
      • Glides Per Carton: 2
      • Carton Dimensions: 30"W x 6"D x 30"H
      • Carton Weight: 14  Lbs
      • Fits: 
        • 16oz. Alumiteck Beer Bottles
        • 16oz. Budweiser/Miller/Coors Beer Cans
        • 16oz. Coke/Pepsi/DPSG Plastic Bottles
        • 16oz. Energy Monster/Amp/Rockstar Cans
        • 17oz. Talking Rain/Cascade Ice/Skinny Girl Tube Bottles

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